Life's Golden Treasures Session  


2010 Grand Chapter “Life’s Golden Treasures”

The final curtain has closed on another year in the history of the Grand Chapter of Ohio. The 2010 Grand Chapter Session was the dance of our lives and was THANKS to all our members, for the wisdom and guidance from our Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons, support and love  from the Grand Officers, Deputy Grand Matrons who managed the doors, our ambassadors the Grand Representatives, Chairman of Arrangements and her committee who made all the plans and preparations for our pleasure, Drill Director and her committee for a wonderful drill, Grand Pages and Grand Aides who entertained us with their drill, the OES Chorus, soloist, duets and musicians who shared their heavenly melodies for our enjoyment, THANK YOU! The 2010 dance troupe prepared, planned and executed with pride in love and service.

We celebrated with our Worthy Grand Warder Vivian at the luncheon held in her honor. We are grateful to the committee for their preparation to honor our General Grand Chapter Officer and all her guests with charm and grace. Vivian just sparkled!

 We hope all of you had fun and enjoyed this 2010 Session as you appreciate the new ideas presented to improve the quality of your experience. The comments received have been positive about starting the opening session at 4:00 allowing us more time to socialize at the joint reception of the Line Grand Officers. We thank our District Presidents and their committees for a fun filled evening shared with Sisters and Brothers. The 2010 Grand Pages and Grand Aides had the opportunity to escort our guests up the ramps to the East for their safety and to Pam Sheetz our Chorus Director who led us in sing a-longs. These were just a few of the ideas presented for your benefit.

Sister and Brothers continue to serve with love as you share our tenets of Charity, Truth and Loving-Kindness. Your charitable giving, time, talent and volunteer hours is unsurpassed and brings joy to many. This is only possible when God, you and I dance in unity and harmony.

We are the children of God so Dream the Impossible dream and if you have the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!

Love, Janny and Bruce (143)


Volunteer Awards
Group Awards Individual Awards
1. District 17, Cancer Walk-a-thon 1. Lucille Gelter - Russellvill Chapter
2. District 22, Festival of Hope 2. Ray Roberts - Caroline Chapter
3. NoCaStar Auxilliary, Knitting Ladies 3. June Wilson - Cardinal Chapter
Ritual Awards
Associate Patron  
1st Place Robert Hager - Western Reserve
2nd Place Jerry Salyers - Celina
3rd Place Wayne Seaman - Western Reserve
1st Place Debbie Pool - Warpole
2nd Place Janet Zappe - Grove City
3rd Place Jennifer Pietrowski - Grove City
1st Place Beth Mason - Cardinal
2nd Place Phyllis Geesey - Bryan
3rd Place Lorraine Mumaw - Windemere
1st Place Kathy Wentz - Marietta
2nd Place Sharon Kloepfer - Warpole
3rd Place Libbey Macke - Mt Healthy
1st Place Nancy McMillan - East Palestine
2nd Place Suzanne Scott - Worthington
3rd Place Rachel Burch - Grove City
1st Place Cindi Robinson - Covered Bridge
2nd Place Marilou Shadoan - Englewood
3rd Place Donnalynn Mumaw - Windemere
Membership Awards - Initiated 10 new members
Gallipolis #283 Racine #134



Re-cap of Grand Session from OES News
Grand Chapter Sessions were very well conducted and thought out - things appeared to run very smoothly.  The sessions were really running on time - breakfasts, luncheons and evening banquets were well attended. 

It was reported that 1912 members had pre-registered for this 2010 God U & I Dance (Guidance) In Unity and Harmony Session.  Over $44,000 dollars has been donated for the OES Home "Rally For Rehab" project.  Cheese sales provided over $8000 for the OES Home - District 6 Charities Director Larry Kujawa was recognized for selling 58 cases of cheese.  Over $48,5000 has been donated to benefit all charities projects. 

In addition to the thirteen General Grand Chapter Officers, visitors from Kentucky, Michigan, Arkansas, Connecticut, Washington, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, Maine, Georgia, Colorado, Idaho, New Jersey were warmly greeted and hospitality to them was extremely maximized - something Ohio does very well. 

It is truly a blessing for the Grand Chapter to provide the audio visual for the sessions - nice for all to be able to see and hear all the business that is going on - this service costs around $9,000 and around $6,700 of this was donated - perhaps next year more will be donated. 

Many thanks to the 2010 officers for a lovely session and congratulations to those who will serve in 2011.  District 6's Gail Walsh was elected to the station of Associate Grand Conductress.  Many familiar faces entered to be installed as 2011 officers - special to our area is District 7's Ron Keller who was installed as Grand Sentinel.  District 8's Cheri Streicher was named Grand Drill Director for 2012 along with District 10's Pat Eyestone.  Charities Directors for 2011 for District 6 is Margie Buhrow and District 7 is Donna Evans.  PGM Marilyn Bennett has been appointed to the Eastern Star Benevolence Committee, Gail Walsh is the Fraternal Correspondent, District 7's Bonnie & Dick Chapin are on the Hospitality Committee and District 6's John Dunn & Marilyn Braatz are on the Membership & Public Relations Committee.  Nathalie & Clyde Givens are on the Ohio Eastern Star Speakers Bureau - their presence at Grand Chapter was very welcome and they brought awareness of the Service Dogs project of the Most Worthy Grand Matron. 

I attended the State Secretary/Treasurer's Association meeting for the first time and learned some things - did you know that OHIO is now the largest grand jurisdiction with 40,680 members with 237 chapters?  We have beat Texas - they have only 33,841 members, but more chapters -394.